Chinese Translation

We are happy to announce that there will be a Chinese translation of the comics – here you can see the work in progress:



“Oh – I see?!” at the KIEW PRIDE / KyivPride

This year, the Russian comics will be shown at the KIEW PRIDE / KyivPride – we are so happy about it!! In cooperation with Munich Kiew Queer

Stay tuned at


„Oh, I see?!“ at „Chouftouhonna – festival international d’art féministe de Tunis“

We are happy to take part with some comics at the 2nd international feminist art festival chouftouhonna!

Chouf is a feminist  organization working about  women bodily and sexual rights in Tunisia. The organization is based on an egalitarian principle that rejects any hierarchical ordering of its members.


More infos:




We are thrilled to present to you the multilingual website of “Ach, so ist das?!”“Oh, I see?!” we have been working on for several months. A team of professional translators went all-out for this project –  <3 <3. We want to thank especially –  Chris Grosch and Julia Michel (Queer Franken), and an anonymous helper for the english translation!!

“Oh I see?!” is about LGBTI people: (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders and intersexuals). Using these biographical comic reports, we intend to make the environment, the self-concept and the identity of LGBTI people more visible and understandable.

Read more about the project!

The original project is in German. We will publish the various translations of the German comics on our website as we go along. Currently, translations are available in English and Spanish, the Russian translation is in progress. If you want to help us translate the comics into other languages, please contact us.

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